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Leading With Humility

One of the critical traits of a leader is humility—the ability to make oneself vulnerable to others, to not have an inflated sense of one’s own importance, and able to share of themselves from a place of understanding and empathy. They are not interested in bombast, public relations, or the trappings of the C-suite. They don’t have their own parking …

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Executive Transition Planning

The executive workforce is aging out, with tens of thousands of baby boomers retiring from corporations over the next 5-10 years. Many, if not most of those executives will not have a transition plan as they depart, and will face a range of reactions and impacts, from uncertainty and loss to health, family/marriage, and other challenges as they try to redefine themselves. …

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Bridging the Authenticity Gap

“I never give a 5”, said the senior executive when evaluating one of his people on a 5 point scale. “No one is perfect.” All our lives, in school, athletics, or socially, we are poked, prodded, and pushed to be perfect by evaluation systems that merely show us we are not 5’s, “not good enough”. We are less than perfect, …

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