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Creating the “We” Organization

Years ago, NASA ran a series of experiments on the best way to make decisions. They used a series of survival scenarios, and asked individuals in a large group to solve the challenge and rate themselves. Then they asked small groups to solve the problems and rate their performance. About 98% of the time, the groups got better scores than …

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The Meaning of Trust

Lao Tzu once said of trust: “Those who are trustworthy he trusts; And those who are not trustworthy he also trusts. [In this way] he gets their trust.” We live in a time of great distrust, not only of civil, political and economic institutions, but also of each other, and even of our prospects for the future. We yearn for relationships and organizations …

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Creating a Shared Vision

I once recall a global executive team at a Fortune 100 company coming to headquarters for a 3 day retreat on their vision for the future. Unbeknownest to the 100 leaders who showed up, for the previous three months, a team of four people, handpicked by the CEO, had been holed up in a room creating the draft vision. It …

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