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The Business Challenge

According to a recent survey, 80% of executives rate their organizations as ineffective or challenged with critical collaborations. Organizations can become effective in critical collaborations by creating or strengthening a collaborative leadership culture. This means grounding leadership practices in the principles of collaborative leadership, and building collaborative leadership skills that build trust, ownership, and alignment within the workforce.

Our award-winning Collaborative Method℠ does just that. The 7 Principles and 8 Practices of Collaborative Leadership will ensure the success of your collaborations across the matrix, departments, business units, and around the world. Fortune 500 as well as medium-sized businesses report significant and sustained business results after implementing them. Here are the services that can help you create, strengthen, and sustain a collaborative leadership culture.

Our Services

Our goal is to build trust and sustainable results through collaborative leadership. To this end, we work with you to strengthen and align your culture, business processes, people processes, and organization design with your business strategy.

  • Defining Collaborative Cultures: There are many definitions of collaboration. To build your own definition, we use a tool called Collaboration Explorer(sm) that is based on the principles of the award-winning Collaborative Method(sm). In 3-4 hours, your leadership team can align on a shared definition and agree on the actions needed to get there. Within 30 days, your entire organization can align around your own definition of a collaborative culture.
  • Culture Assessments: We provide critical data on the degree of collaboration and interdependence in your organization, measures the level of trust, and provides insight into the level of productive energy and innovation of your people, using our Collaborative Interdependence Index(sm).
  • Collaborative Leadership Strategies:  We facilitate the design of  collaborative leadership strategies that will transform your culture, processes, structure, and leadership to support and accelerate your business strategy. Our Collaborative Leadership Strategy(sm) tool provides a framework for developing the right strategy for your organization to build trust and achieve sustainable business results.
  • Virtual Organizations & Enterprise Collaboration:We work in a virtual world. Whether it is working in a virtual team, in the cloud, or through social media, new technologies in enterprise collaboration are shaping the way we work. Enterprise collaboration needs  a strong collaborative leadership culture to support it. The Method enables you to integrate your technical collaboration with collaborative leadership behaviors.
  • Innovation Strategies: It is essential that business continuously innovates. Collaborative leadership cultures that are based on trust ensure a higher rate of innovation. 
  • Workforce Engagement Strategies: Giving the workforce a voice in the strategy and business processes of your organization will ensure greater ownership and alignment, and with that comes greater productive energy, profitability, and sustainable growth.

Potential Benefits

  • Trust-Based Results: By creating a culture of trust, your business can accelerate growth and ensure sustainable business results
  • Alignment: Agreement on your definition of “collaboration” that can be turned into action
  • Productive Energy: You will discover which parts of your organization are the most productive, and which leaders are most engaged with their people. Specific strategies can be developed to address areas of concern
  • Leadership Strategy: A collaborative leadership strategy that aligns your culture of collaboration, human resources, business processes, and organization design with your business strategy
  • Ownership: Your workforce will own your business strategy, will focus on meeting customer needs as well as profitability
  • Greater Innovation: A collaborative innovation strategy that engages your workforce for greater creativity
  • Transparency: 2 way communications increases transparency, alignment, and credibility

For more information, contact: Dr. Edward Marshall