Collaborative Self-Sufficiency Skills

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The Business Challenge

Businesses want to be able to manage their own change. They want self-sufficiency and do not want dependency on a consulting company. For over 30 years, The Marshall Group has fostered self-sufficiency from the very first day of working with our clients. It is a core principle for how we work with clients, and guides all of our consulting work. Our Collaborative ChangeMasters© programs are a cost-effective way to build this internal capability. This set of programs is designed for business leaders as well as facilitators of team and organizational development.

Our Services

Our goal is mastery, by providing you the skills to create, develop, and sustain a collaborative leadership culture. We do our work today in teams, often virtually. We do our work often through meetings or online collaboration. The Marshall Group has designed a 3 level skills development program that will enable you to grow and sustain your collaborative culture. We certify participants at each level.

  • Level I–Collaborative Meetings: The Collaborative Meeting Facilitators© is a 3 day training program that certifies participants in how to design and facilitate a collaborative meeting that produces ownership and results every time, and can become a cultural norm for how you do your business.
  • Level II–Collaborative Team Development: Whenever a team begins its work, the question is always “How will we work together?” The traditional answer to that is either “storming-norming-forming” or not having a team development process at all. Our Collaborative Team Facilitator© answers that question by front-loading the governance of a team. In this 3 day program, team facilitators and leaders are certified in how to design and facilitate the Collaborative Team Governance Process(C) that can then be applied to their teams.
  • Level III–Collaborative Change Mastery: When the consultants leave, who is responsible for sustaining the change process? It is critical to have a cadre of people certified in how to keep their eye on the change ball and to sustain the culture change. Our ChangeMasters© program is designed to provide those skills. This program starts out with a 3 day intensive training program, followed by mentoring and coaching. Our goal is for you to feel capable of sustaining your collaborative culture. 

Potential Benefits

  • Productive Meetings Every Time: A trained cadre of collaborative meeting facilitators who can ensure that your meetings are run efficiently, with ownership, and that can produce results and alignment every time.
  • Trust-Based Teams Producing Results: A skilled cadre of collaborative team facilitators who can ensure that results and trust happen through collaboration, in teams, on projects, and building a collaborative culture across the organization
  • Self-Sufficiency in the Change Process: A cadre of certified ChangeMasters who will keep their eye on the change ball and ensure that your entire organization is operating as optimally as possible over time
  • Speed and Cost Savings: We have seen teams triple their speed because the trust is high. With this internal capability, your company will save hundreds of thousands of dollars on consultants.

For more information, contact: Dr. Edward Marshall