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The Business Challenge

Leadership teams need high levels of trust to ensure speed, innovation, a productive workforce, and optimal performance. Our award-winning Collaborative Governance Process℠ works to build a culture of trust for the entire organization.

Trust is the key to success in any leadership team. Without trust at the top, there will be little trust in the workplace. The Collaborative Governance Process℠ has been implemented with great success in hundreds of leadership and project teams to charter teams, and create agreements on how they will work together collaboratively: e.g. decision-making, conflict resolution, communications, and accountability.

Our Services

Our goal is to help create and strengthen trust in your senior teams  so that they can tackle their strategic and critical business issues united and aligned, and can engage the rest of the organization to achieve superior and sustainable business results. Since 1982, The Marshall Group has been a pioneer in the developing and implementing collaborative team processes and tools that have resulted in transformed teams and breakthrough business results. Based on the award-winning Collaborative Method℠, The Marshall Group developed what DuPont called a Best Practice in how to create and develop collaborative teams. Moving beyond the “storming-forming-norming-storming” process that often takes time, can result in team breakdowns and lost deadlines, our Collaborative Governance Process℠ is a front-loaded way to create a common platform for how team members will work together. It builds a high level of trust, enables the team to go from “Me” to “We”, and speeds up strategic decision-making and innovation. Here are our services:

  • Senior Team Governance: The focus is on how the team works together, building high levels of trust, and creating a strong governance foundation
  • Executive Retreats: Design and facilitation of executive retreats
  • Team Assessments & Leadership Styles: We conduct an in depth assessment of team members and direct reports to support teams in understanding themselves, their style as a team, and the impact on the workforce
  • Leadership Across Boundaries: Introducing new strategies and processes for working across boundaries of all kinds, either across departments, the matrix, or across countries and cultures
  • Critical Change Strategies: Help craft and/or facilitate organizational change strategies, whether it is a reorganization, merger, software implementation, or business process redesign so that there is a high engagement, ownership, and probability of success
  • Stakeholder Communication Strategies: Help design and/or facilitate 2 way communication strategies with the workforce and other key stakeholders

Potential Benefits:

  • Ownership and Alignment: With leadership ownership and alignment on strategy, culture, and process, it sets the tone for the rest of the organization
  • Trust: Increased trust and senior leadership credibility
  • Speed: Increased speed in strategic decision-making, and an increased focus on strategy rather than tactics
  • Results: Increased organizational performance and customer satisfaction
  • Ownership: Increased ability to engage the organization collaboratively around the organization’s values, vision, mission, and business strategies

For more information, contact: Dr. Edward Marshall